"Hey Judith, wait aren’t you good at jumping fences since you are a Latina." I was about 10 years old when I was told that statement/question. My mind set was not ready for a come back, it wasn’t processing as an insult but as a joke. The only thing I did and could of done was laugh it off. From my whole family, I’m the first to be born in the United States and being able to be looked at as an American. Even though I was born in the US, I’m still Mexican at heart and blood. I grew up in an ALL white town and even went to a school with mostly ALL white students, I got used to "being and acting white". That’s all I was really good at doing and being, as soon as I started high school everything completely changed. Now in the present, half my friends are from different places and I got myself a handful of Latina girls who are my best friends. When they first met me they all told me the same exact thing "You are really white to be a Latina." Once again my mind was not ready to talk back but then I told them my story, where I grew up and all the details that made me.. ME. They understood me and comprehended everything I said to them. I grew up from a different environment and now living in another one, there are many people that have been put in my position. They aren’t too much of this or less than that, a person from a different country should be accepted the same as everyone.